Over 65s


If you are over 65, and an Australian Resident or Citizen, you will automatically receive a subsidy through funding provided by the Australian Government’s My Aged Care Scheme.

Under 65s


Other clients include people with disabilities and their carers, people with special medical and support needs, and those who have just come home from hospital and would like an extra helping hand until fully recovered.  This can include mothers coming home from hospital with new babies.

  • People with a disability, mental illness or short-term mental health issues automatically qualify for HACC funding assistance.
  • For those recuperating from an operation or injury, a referral from your medical practitioner will usually qualify for assistance.

For those who do not qualify, full price meals are only $12 and any profit from this service goes to providing extra meals for those people in our community who are in critical need.



If you are a registered carer of a person with a disability, you also qualify for the My Aged Care subsidy. Mitchelton Meals on Wheels is a support service you may not have thought of before, however it can really help – especially in a busy week.

Short term support


Once a client of Mitchelton Meals on Wheels, you decide when you would like to order from us.  Some of our clients use us for a week or two only once or twice a year, when their usual support network is away on holidays. Others place orders just one day a month when they know they have medical appointments.

Mitchelton Meals on Wheels is always flexible and happy to help in any way we can.

Meals on Wheels is not means tested, therefore the Meals on Wheels service does not enquire into the financial affairs of clients.  All client records are kept strictly confidential.

To find out more, please call our office on 3354 3919 and we will discuss your needs and work with you to help maintain your independence.